Student Electives

Thinking of a medical elective?  David Gordon Memorial Hospital is a great hospital to gain great hands on experience in general medicine, paediatrics, surgery and maternity care-  nursing, midwife  and medical students are made very welcome.

The contact for the elective is the Medical Officer in Charge:

David Gordon Memorial Hospital,  PO Box 5, Livingstonia


To relieve poverty and sickness and to promote the preservation of health of the inhabitants of the catchment area of the hospital and health centres as defined by the David Gordon Memorial Hospital, Livingstonia in Malawi.

Where is Malawi?


Travel Information

When travelling abroad outside the UK it is always important to contact your GP around 8 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.

Here are a couple of websites you might find helpful:


Provides you with all Foreign Travel advice – e.g. safety, security, local laws, customs, entry requirements and general health.



2. Fit For Travel

‘fitfortravel’ is a public access website provided by the NHS. It gives travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK. Remember that you should always discuss your particular needs with your own GP or Practice Nurse.




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